How to Play Press Kit

Buzz Attack is an original side-scrolling fly squashing survival action game for iOS

You play Gus, and old man in the park who swats at mutant flies who come out of the trash to attack him. You control his rag doll physics arms to strike at flies and move around to avoid getting bitten and to interact with the enviroment

The game in action

Flies have invaded the park! It’s up to Gus to fend them off and avoid getting bitten on the face by the pesky swarm!.  Move and swat the flies as long as you can while avoiding getting bitten. Hit trees for apples to regenerate health, pick up the coins the flies drop to buy weapons and items from your suspicious vendor in the park

4 game difficulty modes
A cast of different flies, some with unique abilities
5 special items and weapons to unlock
Gamecenter Leaderboards (iOS only)
20+ Achievements (iOS only)
play in landscape or portrait views (iOS only)
tweet and facebook post your highscores!
★ looks great in HD and on the new iPhone 5

French,German,Polish languages supported




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Built with Corona SDK